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Presha Busts Some Pipes

Check out our latest episode with Frank and Lefty with battle rappers Presha Bust Pipes and Lito Boy in the Madhouse Studios for one hell of a night! We talk about a HUGE range of different things and even sound slightly educated here and there. But then our normal antics resume for majority of the show topped with some dope freestyles and more!!! Tune in beotches!!!

Marty Caproni and Leftys Heart Attack

In this ridiculous episode of Marvici’s Madhouse, Mr. Funny Man; Marty Caproni calls in to let us ask a bunch of personal questions and handles us like a pro. Also, we talk about the hottest female comedians and whether they are funny or not, we play some new prank calls from Frank and a hilarious new call from Lunchlady, and we talk about how Lefty almost had a heart attack and how Frank and Jimmy are disappointed that it didn’t happen. We wrap it all up with Lefty’s news! Tune in and be entertained!!!

To F, Marry, or Kill

Tune in for one of dumbest yet greatest shows to date! In this episode, between dumb comments and gut hurting laughter, we play F, Marry, Kill and some of the choices are not as easy as you’d think. We also get some self help notes and advice from Dad Madlibs games that never disappoint! We also deliver on some awesome independent music and the craziest prank calls ever!!! Tune in you mother fackers!!!

Facebook Live Stream Virgins

We finally get our first Facebook LIVE stream going and all have a good laugh at each others ugly mugs! We also read the results of some extremely weird survey findings, play a new XYZQWA prank call and make some live pranks too, and some other awesome stuff that I totally forgot as I’m typing this! Just tune in damn it!

W.T Fallon and Cant Get Up

Another insanely entertaining show with guest caller, author of “Fail to the Chief” W.T Fallon, who does a good job of staying professional as we act a fool and borderline sexually harass her. Not only that, we debate about the Flat Earth theory and the relevance of “Flat Earthers”, we also play one of the most obnoxious and twisted rounds of “Would You Rather” that stops both Frank & Jimmy in their tracks on a few, Lefty gets some BS pulled mid-show and flips out (rightfully-so), and of course a bunch of random hilarious banter in between it all!!!

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